Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blog Hop Day 2

This is why I can do stuff like this. 
Yes, I live in a 40 ft rv all the time.
But this is Tex. My toy. 
I would say "our" toy but hubs does not get to enjoy him as much as me. 

Tex is good for day trips to town to bring ice cream back, and weekends
to town to go to church. He is even better for August trips to Colorado 
with my daughter. :-) 

So the second day of the blog hop I had to start here. 
The most important stop of the day. 

Prescott, Az is where I normally do my quilt shopping so I was
very familiar with the shops. 
Inexpensive Warm and Natural is available here. 
Cloth Plus is a strange little store. More warehouse than "store"
but they have a wonderful selection of goods. 
They just got in a bunch of Christmas flannel that I need to buy. 

Across the highway is Quilt and Sew Connection. 
 I love this store. 
Wonderful selection, great employees.
I plan to take a tree skirt class with them this fall. 
I am excited. 
240 miles so far. 

My last stop was a given. 
There is no way to go to town without stopping here for something. 
Yeah, Wally World. 
I needed some plastic drawers to put in my closet to hold
all my fat quarters. :-) 

I finally made it home with a total of 375.1 miles on the odometer. 
I don't regret going but I am not sure if I would do it again. 
At least not without a friend along.

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  1. I do believe you are totally hooked on quilting!