Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blog Hop

I feel like I am running a week behind. 
Wait, I am a week behind. 
Story of my life. lol 

Last Friday and Saturday I decided to abandon the family and hit the road. 
I did the Northern Arizona Beat the Heat Shop Hop.
7 quilt shops.... 375 miles....2 days... no daughter. 
Fun, Fun, Fun. 

I left the Canyon with "0" miles on the odometer.
First stop... Williams, Az. 
The closest store to me. 59.6 miles.
They had the grand prize on hand to see as well as their own prize. 
I bought a pattern for a pin cushion and got the first set
of 6 batik charm squares.
Each store was giving the charm squares and one store also
had a pattern for a quilt to make.

Next stop... Lunch. lol 

I then headed to Flagstaff and realized that it really was the 
middle of the monsoon. It was a pretty wicked storm. 
Finally arrived at Odegaards. I really like this store. 
106.6 miles and counting. 
Next stop is Sedona by way of the Oak Creek Canyon. 
More rain on the way down. Ugh.. 
Driving Oak Creek can be tricky any time. In rain it is not my favorite pastime.
I finally arrived at Sedona...143 miles so far.
The Quilters store is a very nice quilt store. 
They also have a Gallery attached that was not open... sigh.. 
I was able to pick up some fun stuff... and more batik squares. 
They have a pretty nice view also. 
Next stop was in Cottonwood. Quilters Quarters. 
Nice selection and nicer ladies. 
Time to pick up the pattern for the quilt. 
151.5 miles and counting. 
From there I headed to Prescott where I made 
a 5pm stop at A Quilters Dream. The lady was very glad
that I just wanted my passport stamped. :-) 
After that I headed to Hobby Lobby 
to pick up some Kona Solids. 

End of day one..... 
215.4 miles

More tomorrow....

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