Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Changes

Well, we figured the best way to make big changes in our life was just to jump in with both feet. 
Hubby has been a supervisor for the shuttle bus system here at the Canyon.
He was part time for 2 years and became full time last February. 
Though he loved working with the people, he hated the hours and days off. 
We were starting to become distant with each other and schooling our daughter
became next to impossible. 
The 2:15am wake up call all summer were a nightmare. 
When the boss told hubs that he could not have his Ipod at work...
well, that was kind of the end of it. 

Hubby resigned as supervisor last Monday. 
Tuesday he went back to work as a seasonal driver. 
Wednesday he got to sleep till 9am. 
Life is good. 

We knew that schedule was not good for us. 
Until he was out of that nightmare, we did not realize just how bad it was. 
This last week has been a joy, rediscovering each other, talking coherently, 
just spending time together. 
We even had the chance to go to Church on Sunday. 
The first Sunday in church since last February. 

God is good.