Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May I introduce ...Emili

One month ago my husbands second daughter had a baby.
She was named Emili.
In order to welcome her to the family in the right way, 
I needed to make her a quilt. 

The twins have quilts, 
The eldest grand son has a quilt.
Sort of. 
It is at the long arm quilter but he will eventually get it. 

So, here is Emili, for Emili. 
I hope it will warm her soul for many years. 

I really enjoy taking the quilts to the Rim. 
There is just something fun about going to the edge and remembering
why we are here. 

I also enjoy the funny looks we get when we take the pictures.

Not many people come to the Grand Canyon in order to 
see a crazy lady and her daughter doing a quilt shoot. 
The pattern for this quilt came from here
I saw it on her blog and knew it would be perfect. 


Friday, May 6, 2011


Spring is finally here. 
We actually hit 75 today. 
It is strange that Spring does not arrive till May. 
I am accustomed to it coming along in February or maybe March. 
I will take it, no matter when it arrives. 
Even if we are due more snow next week.