Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New TV

We have a new toy and I am not sure if we like it.
A friend gave us a flat screen tv when he upgraded.
I have gone from a 19in tv to a 27in flatscreen.
The picture is kinda funky and very close.
I do have a very small living room.

Dh and I spent the day building a frame to mount the tv.
A little saw time, 
a little drill time 
and a little pull our hair out time...
Yes, that is another 2x4. 
(Somehow we did not think about the offset of the brace when we installed the first one)

and it is done.

Mounted and ready to go.
Now all we have to do is to get a dvd player.
The old one died on us. Sigh....


  1. That's cool! I like the way it can swing out to angle in other directions. Your hubby did a good job!

  2. Hubby nothing. lol I did most of it with a bit of help. :-)