Thursday, January 27, 2011

I can't really boycott

my own blog, now can I? 
January has been a long month and I am
not really jazzed about blogging. 
I should be, right? 
I want to be rich and famous with my blog. 
(don't laugh too hard) 
I did have a quilt finish. 
Finally finished my Christmas table runner.....
in January. Bwhaaaa 
No photos yet, I will work on that. 

All the sunshine we have had should make me get up
and blog.
It hasn't yet. 
I promise to work on that. lol 

Missy... in a funk in January

Thursday, January 6, 2011

How about an upbeat post now?

Thanks for staying with me during my rant. 

Today's post brings you...... 
Can you wait for it? 

It brings you....
Thank you God for Sunshine. 
Such a rare commodity during January. 

We also like the deer that come through the yard daily. 
There is still more than enough snow
but we can at least see some of the roadway. 
Life is getting better. lol 


Monday, January 3, 2011

It is a government project

You know what they are. 
Those wonderful projects that end up costing the tax payer...
$900 toilet seats 
$2000 hammers
Yeah, them. 

Guess who runs the Grand Canyon. 
 Yep, more of them... 
Government Employees. 
The whole place is run by paper pushers that live somewhere else. 
And tell the tree huggers here what to do.

Can you imagine living somewhere that does not allow ice melt? 
(Ohhhhhh, it might hurt a tree or something)
How about an aversion to snow plows? 
(Oh no, we might have to use the diesel tractor
and we would not want to use the evil diesel fuel)
Can you hear MrBill??
It snowed here last Thursday. 
We got 6-8 inches of snow. 
Our street has been plowed one time. 
Last Friday!!!
They plowed the top inch of snow off the road and hoped 
the rest of it would pack down. 
They have not figured out that does not work.
(The defination of insanity is doing the same thing over
and over and expecting a different result.)

The road is now melting some. 
We actually hit 32 today. Yipee. 
Maybe not. 
We now have 6-10 inches of soft snow slush that is melting on the streets.

To tell you what it is like living here.... 
We got stuck in the snow on the road. 
(God forbid they actually plow the neighborhoods)
12 vehicles passed us before someone stopped to see if we needed help. 
(Help you.. Nope, not me.)
It was a guy that my husband works with. 
No one, and I mean NO ONE who works for a different company
will stop to help you. 
Xanterra will stop to help Xanterra. 
Park service will help Park service. 
Paul Revere will help Paul Revere...
Etc... etc... 
So, after Connie and Roy stopped to help us.... 
Thank you Connie and Roy
Guess what?
The plow came by and stopped to watch. 

Yeah... Welcome to the wonderful Grand Canyon.
The most wonderful horrid place in the world to live.

Disclaimer.... the photos are from last year when we got a lot 
more snow and the roads were plowed better. 
Scary, isn't it?

Now that you all know that I am not very 
nice I will stop the rant. (sorry)