Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

Christmas is upon us. 
 The stockings are hung...
Not on the fireplace but on the door handles.
The cookies have been cooked
The card mailing has been ignored 
The presents are still stuck with UPS and FedEx
Hoping they arrive before Christmas Eve. 

Our Christmas day is actually on Sunday this year. 
This will be the first time ever that we don't actually
celebrate on Christmas Day. 

Hubby will be driving and handing out candy canes to 
crazy tourists on Christmas Day. 
 Yes, I know these aren't candy canes. 

 It will be one of the busiest days of the year. 
Worse than August we have heard. 

Craziness abounds, more than usual. 
We are doing our best to remember why we do this. 
May God the Father, richly bless you as we 
celebrate the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas decorating

Tonight we finished decorating the house for Christmas
We had the tree up but no ornaments on it. 
It was fun to see all the stuff we have made for the tree. 
The first year we decided to stay here for Christmas 
it dawned on us that all the decorations were still in Texas. 

We had purchased a scroll saw that fall and set to making
a bunch of ornaments out of wood. 
That, along with some that I painted

and we had a full tree. 

We have since brought our "RV" decorations out here.
Those are just some of our "most special" things. 
We still have boxes and boxes of decorations just waiting...... 
Someday we will have a house again. 
I hope. 

Until then, we celebrate our Saviors birth in small quarters.
Thankful that we are all together, healthy and safe. 
May God bless you throughout this holiday season.
No matter your circumstances. 


Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am failing miserably

on the blog front. Somehow I have not posted since Oct 27th. 
 Gracious. That is too long. 

I have lots of excuses.
And several weekends in the Valley to show for it. 
I also have this. 

I have learned to paper piece. 

I think I like it. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quilt Show

A couple of weeks ago our summer bid ended.
That is when the season changes around here, the driving schedules change
and some of the drivers leave for the season.

Since we were going to lose 3 of our quilters this fall we decided we needed to
have a quilt show and brag about all that we have learned this year.
10 women and 5 months worth of effort.
Once we had all the quilts up we were amazed at what we had accomplished.

The first 3 photos are of my quilts. 
You have seen them already so feel free to scroll by quickly.

We had the show at the Rec Center where
we sew each Sunday.
This was one of Viv's quilts. 
It is her "Jessica" pattern,
The "Jessica" on the left belongs to Jackie
and the "Log Cabin" on the right was done by Margie.
This is a close up of the quilting that was done by our 
Long Arm lady, Sandy.
This was Marie's "Love Knot"
She did a lovely job.
Jackie is the only one of us that had any experience before
we started in April 
This is one of her quilts.
This beauty belongs to Donna. 
She is the wife of a new driver and came to the group late. 
This is a round robin quilt from her group on the 
east coast.
It was completely hand quilted.
Another one by Jackie.
This is a special quilt.
It was made by Gary. 
He decided that he could make a quilt if his wife could. 
It is huge.
Another by Jackie.
One more "Jessica" by Jackie.
This was Viv's first quilt. 
All of her quilts were King size.
Gary's wife, Joann made this. 
It too, is huge.
Viv made 2 "Love Knot" quilts.
One was purple and one blue. 
The blue can be seen on the very first photo.
Judy made this for her grand son.
A beauty by Jackie.
This was Judy's first quilt. 
It is a 70x70 lap quilt.
Gerry made 2 quilts. 
This small wall hanging...
And this lovely flannel beauty. 
She will be warm this winter.
One more by Jackie.
Here we are enjoying ourselves and showing off. 
Gerry and Donna.
Some placemats that Donna was working on.
An overview of the room.
We have had such a good time learning a new skill. 
Having the quilt show was so amazing to us. 
We did not really realize that we had produced quite so much. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Box Day

School has finally started around here.
We start slow and add in classes over the first 2-3 weeks.
Eventually we are carrying a full load.
A fuller load, the older my daughter gets.
This year is 8th grade and we are really kicking into high gear.

We use a curriculum called Sonlight for the core of our school.
Everything else kinda revolves around that.
We LOVE Sonlight and it is all that THIS daughter has used.
Our older kids used everything else.
This one lucked out. lol

Box day is a big deal around here.

When the FedEx man arrives it is such an exciting time.
Even in 8th grade she is still excited to see what we are going to do.
This year we decided to save some money and buy used.

So, instead of seeing the FedEx man we saw the ladies at the post office.
Not quite as exciting but, hey, it works.

So now we are going to be doing Core 6 ....World History in Depth Part I.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's begining to look

more and more 
like Christmas
or at least like a future
Christmas Tree Skirt. 
I hope.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Neighborhood visitors

Yes, I have been AWOL.
No real reason, just busy with the start of school. 
Fall is trying to arrive around here. 
The animals are cooperating if the weather is not. 
See our daily visitors? 
She is lovely and the twins are fun to watch. 
It seems late for them to still have their spots. 
Hopefully they will make it through the winter.