Tuesday, July 20, 2010


When we moved to Arizona we had to learn a whole new way of living. 
We had to learn how to make lists.  Lists for everything. 
We had to learn what a snow shovel was.
On and on.....

But the strangest part was learning about new weather patterns. 
Texas was easy. We had been there all or most of our lives. 
We understood ice, heat, and tornadoes. 
No Problem. 

Monsoon... what the heck is that?
We have sunny, dry, high mountain desert weather, right? 
Yeah, we do. But... come high summer, we get the Monsoon season. 
Truly, it is a real season. Monsoon. 
Strange. lol 

About the only time we ever have any humidity around here is when it is
about to rain (or after a snow). 
I like no humidity. Probably my favorite thing about being at the Grand Canyon. 
When the humidity rises, it causes high thunderstorms to build.
We get sudden, heavy down pours with a lot of lightening.
And forest fires... but that is another post. 

The rain can be quite heavy, but the best part is the drop in temperatures.
We can go from 95 (seldom does it get that hot here) to 65 in about 15 minutes. 
In fact, it did that last Friday.
Today it just dropped from 85 to 65. 
Challenging for my husband's job, but lovely.

So we have new weather patterns to add to the list of 
fun new experiences here.... 90 miles from nowhere. 



  1. What gorgeous weather photos! How nice to live in a place where even the storms are beautiful :) I bet monsoons make good sewing weather!

  2. BaileyGirl5 beat me to it, gorgeous photos! Did you take those on the edge when a storm was coming? Eeek!

  3. You live in the middle of some of the greatest drama on earth, both in the heavens and under your feet. You lucky!

  4. Do I have to admit that I stole the photos? They may be stupid enough to stand on the rim in a storm but I am not. I will chase a tornado but lightning will kill you. lol

  5. Wow...what amazing weather! I never knew that that region had such diverse weather!