Monday, March 22, 2010

Youth Group Anyone?

My daughter is almost 13. She very much wants to be involved in the youth group of the church we (sorta) attend. It takes a bit of effort to get her there and it breaks our heart that she does not get to go more often.

We found a church that we love. It is only 120 miles (one way) from the Canyon. We like the people that we have met and love the pastor. We would love to find a church closer as the weekly fellowship means so much to us, but this is where the Lord has us right now. We have tried all the churches here in the Canyon and just can't make ourselves attend them. We really struggle with this part of living here. It is very isolating.

So, we make the drive as often as we can. We either stay in our little truck camper or stay at the local Holiday Inn Express. 

She is now trying to make friends with in the group so that if she get the chance to go to summer camp she will know someone. Ah, back to the distance struggle. We all try to make it work and wonder when God will let us move back to civilization.


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