Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Irritations of living in an rv

Even though I have a very high end rv (even though it's older) there are things that are irritating. 
We have spent a good deal of money this winter on propane to keep the rig warm.
We won't even discuss the electric bill. 

So in my re-doing this week I took off the trim around the window.
 Looks okay. At least at first glance.

What do I find on closer inspection? 
A small piece of foam insulation 
 covering a 1/4 inch of open area. 
 On 3 sides of each window. 
Yes, that is a Bic pen in the opening.
Do you see an Orange run coming to my future? 
Caulk, insulation, foam insulation.... by this winter my window will no longer leak vast quantities of wind.
Hopefully I will spend less on propane also.

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