Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home Schooling and The Community School

I have been homeschooling some child or another since 1991. Yes,18 years or so. I remember in 1996, getting pregnant with my last daughter. I was standing in the bathroom with the little pregnancy test strip, and sobbing on my husbands shoulder.... "I have 20 more years of homeschooling" sob...sob... It is very funny now but then I had 2 teenagers and could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It was not funny for about 4 days. Okay, maybe 4 months.

Jump forward 13 years, and we are still going strong.
It really is a lifestyle and not just a schooling choice for us.
God has asked this of us.
We are committed to completing High School with our daughter and sending her on to college.
And we are doing well toward that end.

So what happens when we move to a community that is wholly centered on the local school?
(yes, there is a K-12 school in Park)
When there is nothing that happens that is not related to the school?
When the entire community uses the local school except us?
When we are the only known homeschoolers in a 90 mile radius?
When the school is a low performing school in one of the lower performing states?

We just keep on doing what we have done forever.
We realize that there are lines we won't be able to cross.
Barriers that we won't be able to break.
Friends we will never have because of our choices.
Though those things are true wherever you live, here it is magnified by our smallness.

On the flip side, we get to have our weekends in the middle of the week, do school when it suits us and take trips at the drop of a hat.
Oh yes! We also can give our daughter a really good education.
It works for us. 

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