Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Home

I live in an RV.
 Just like Robin Williams without the flying poop. 
Okay, so mine is a fifth wheel and not a motorhome but it is basically the same thing. 
Without the engine.

We are, technically, full time RVers. We live in our RV all the time.
Unfortunately, we don't get to travel like we would like.
Money is the reason we live 90 miles from nowhere. 

Our current home is a 1993 Royals International Emissary. 
It is 40 feet long and has 2 slides and I thank God for every single foot of it.
This rig was produced by the Carriage RV company and the Royals line is 
their top of the line unit. 
It was quite the thing when it was produced. 
When we bought it, 3 years ago, 
we were only the 3rd owner and it had been taken well care of. 
As you can see from the pictures, 
it still has a serious case of the 1980's recreational vehicle decorating thing going on. 
It seriously needs to be dealt with.
That is my project for this year, if everything works out. 
This was supposed to be last years project but we ended up doing appliances instead.
We have done some work on the rig and I will show that to you in subsequent posts. These were the pictures
that I took in May 2007 just before I bought it.
We now have 3 of us living in here. 
It makes for a tight squeeze sometimes.
Mostly it makes for a close family and a 30 minute clean up. 
You really learn to love those you live with and learn to cope with the daily issues that come up. 

So get ready to follow along on the Great Decorating Experiment of 2010. 
Should I tell you now, or later, that I am a lousy decorator?

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