Saturday, March 20, 2010

I have the greatest husband

Really, I do. 
We had our anniversary last weekend and we went to town. WhooHooo... 
Hey, going to town is a red letter day for us...
Even if it looked like this on the drive. 
We headed down on Sunday evening after he got off work. 
I found a cheap hotel and we spent the night. 
 (Note to self, Nasty hotel, skip it next time)
We even had good food, which is amazing in itself.

Monday morning we got up and had breakfast at Wildflower Bread Company. 
Thank goodness they finally opened one in Flag. 
We discovered them in Prescott and just love the food. 

Finally, what I have been waiting on for over a week.....
 A trip to the local Home Depot.... Yes, I love orange!
Orange does wonderful things for me.
Orange can keep my house together and make it look better. 
If there was a 12 step program for tool-aholics I would go. 
Tools make my day.

So, back to the wonderful husband part of this.... Look what he bought for me.
Look at my anniversary gift.
Isn't it just the coolest thing you have ever seen?
I am so jazzed, so stoked, so .... whatever... 
I am showing my age now so I will shut up.
But I really do have the best hubby ever.

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