Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some prior renovations = part 1

Over the three years we have owned this rig we have done several bits of change to her.
I will be showing you some of the prior fixes as well as what we are doing now.

One of the first things we did in the rig was to change the table area.
Don't you just love all the pink and blue?
We use our table for many things. Eating, schooling, crafts, games...
You name it and it happens on the table. 

One big problem we had was a lack of space for school books right where we needed them. 
We did this change in small steps to see if it was going to work. 
We started by taking everything out of the slide and removing the carpet.
We then laid sticky tiles for the flooring. 
Then we simply put the table back in the hole with only 2 
of the chairs to see how that worked.


Our daughter sits on the end of the table in a folding chair to eat, so this worked well for us.
About 2 weeks later (and a 180 mile trip to town) we continued where we left off .
We painted the walls a nice light gray.
Then built a bookcase that would hold our daily school books.
This set up was supposed to be temporary but we did the change back in August of 2007.
It has worked extremely well, we just need to make it more permanent. 


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