Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ugh. The Tired and Sick edition

We finally did the actual move into the house.
We moved the rig over on the 31st of December.
It was such a thrill to finally leave the lunatic at the rv park.
On the flip side it was sort of strange when we moved the bed
into the house and realized we really were NOT rvers any longer.

Mid January we were finally in the house.
It took a while and a water heater to make that work.

Our biggest issue we have had with everything has been that we have all been sick.
You know those 4 flu virus's going around?
Did you know you can have all 4 varieties?
Did you know that the flu shot does not really work on any of them?
Yeah, we know.

Between the upper respiratory ones and the throw up ones, we have
been having a grand time this year.
We have managed to get some stuff done but not nearly as much as we want.

Stay tuned. I promise to get well and get some updates going around here.
As soon as my fever breaks.....again.


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