Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ikea Love

I love Ikea. 
I just do. 
I love the huge store, the crazy people, the meatballs...
I love it all. 
Except the couches. :-) 

Since my first trip to Ikea in Houston, TX in 2004 I have been hooked. 
I always said that when we got a house it was going to look like an Ikea showroom.
(Actually I think I said it was going to look like an Ikea puked in my living room.) 

Soooo.....since I have a house now.....Wahoo!!! Trips to Ikea have been in my past
and are in my future. Oh Yeah!!! 

First trip was January 1, 2013. 

My good Texan (and southern) mama always said that whatever you did on January 1 
was what you would do all year. 
Ikea and Abuelos Mexican food for me, thank you very much. 

Second trip was late February.
I now have no money. sigh.... 

My 15 yr old daughter is becoming quite proficient at assembling flat pack boxes. 

I now have 10 Billy Bookcases,

 an Entertainment center Expedit,

 a 2x4 Expedit, a full bathroom for my daughter and a lot of other fun smaller toys. 
On the second trip we were looking in the "scratch and dent" section for a board to make
a hack on the entertainment center. 
There was this huge (yes, HUGE) cart of disassembled pieces for $10. 

I grabbed it, not really knowing what I was getting. 
As we were loading I realized we had a treasure trove of fun. 

I found the exact piece (from another entertainment center) that I needed for my hack. 
There were also 3 extra Billy shelves that were on my list...$45.00 savings right there. 
I got a perfect table top that I was going to buy as well as 2 Pax sides that will be used instead
as desk tops for the office. 

It takes me 3 days to get everything off the truck and in the house and then typically
about 3 weeks to get it all assembled.

Buying the whole house full of furniture is exhausting but so much fun.

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