Monday, March 18, 2013

Plumbing and Kitchen

We have done a ton of plumbing.
The floor of the water heater compartment had to be replaced
before we could put the new water heater in.
That done, we were able to put the water heater in and enjoy stupidly
long showers that have never run out of water.
Oh, Yeah!!!

The kitchen has grown as well as shrunk.
We finally gutted the kitchen of its parts and pieces 
and added more temporary shelving to make it work.

We found a stove on Craigslist to go with the mark down fridge
from Homedepot.
Can't beat $60 for a working stove. 
Our other Craigslist score was a single bowl stainless sink, in a cabinet
with a beautiful faucet.
Then we found out that it belonged to a friend from church.
That was fun. 
The kitchen works very well for us right now. 
We will be dealing with wiring and sheetrock replacement
when we are ready to install cabinets, but that wont be for a while. 
The fun part was hauling off the nasty kitchen parts. 
We are getting is just slow. 


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  1. It's looking good! I bet you just love all that space now.