Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Round Houses

I love round houses.
Really love...round houses.
I like them so much that I want one.

I even liked my Airstream because it was not square.
I loved looking up at my ceiling and seeing the rounded corners.
She was sweet and I lived in her for 2 years.

I really want a Monolithic Dome for a home.
They are a company based out of Italy, Tx.
They are truly lovely buildings.
Did I mention that I want one?

We went to Phoenix this weekend by way of Church.
Church is in Prescott
Not really out of the way.
As we were driving through Mayer, AZ we saw this.
 Oh yes, loveliness on a hill.
Pure, unadulterated, shotcrete.
Too bad it is not for sale.

Did I mention that I want one?


  1. I've really wanted to go into one of those dome homes. Next time you come, we'll go take a tour.

  2. My husband is obsessed with Airstream Trailers. Did you really love yours? I think they are very cool looking.