Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun Valley Colorado

I took my daughter and ran away to Colorado for 2 weeks. 
I always wait till the local kids go back to school and then leave.
Why? Because I can. That is why I home school. lol 

We headed to South Fork, Colorado to Fun Valley. 
FV is a family campground that has been around since 1959.
Several of the people there have been going every year since it opened. 
It is not surprising to hear someone say they have been going there 
every year for 30, 38, 42 years.... Wow. 
This is only our 3rd trip so far. 

I really enjoy the quiet, easy pace of just hanging out at my campsite. 
 Not a bad view. 

There is quite a bit to do with out ever leaving the park. 
Putt Putt.... paddle back riding...berry picking...on and on. 
For the most part there is fishing. 
Lots and lots of fishing. 

Years ago the Rio Grande was siphoned to fill up several ponds in Fun Valley. 
It makes for a beautiful place to visit but a better place to fish. 
I don't fish.... 
But it is fun to watch everyone else fish. And fish, and fish........ 

One of our favorite activities is going to the Snack Shack.
There you can get a killer burger.
Our favorite is actually the ice cream. 
We have one almost every day. lol 

We spent 8 days here and headed back home to reality. 
It is a sad thing that reality does not include living in Colorado. 



  1. That looks like fun! The grass is always greener, isn't it? I'd love to live where you do for awhile.

  2. Only for a short while. As soon as it takes you 1.5 hours just to get to a grocery store you would be ready to leave. lol