Sunday, May 9, 2010

My featherweight

Everything I have has to be small, lightweight and have a place to live. 
When you have less than 400 sq ft of living space, 
all space is at a premium.
I have carried my mothers sewing machine with us 
for all 6 years we have been fulltime.
She actually gave me the machine about 20 years ago, 
and I am so glad she did.
This is about the only machine that I have ever sewn on. 
It is nothing fancy. 
There are no special stitches.
It does not even do a zig zag stitch. 
But this is my baby and I love her. 
She plugs along with stitch after stitch.
All of them straight as an arrow. 
She is perfect for piecing quilts but not so much for anything else. 
I am looking at new machines that do more. 
But I will never give up my Featherweight.

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