Monday, May 10, 2010

My bookstore

We do not have Half Price Books in Arizona. 
We do not have Paperbacks Plus Books in Arizona.
We do have Bookmans. 
At least we do in Flagstaff. Not in Prescott. 
That has always seemed strange to me. 

This winter we had a lot of snow. 
About 145  inches or so. 
Snow and flat roofs do not mix. 
Last year Hastings lost their roof. 
This year it was Bookmans.
They are in the same shopping strip. 
You would have thought that the owners 
would have figured it out after Hasings collapsed.
Oh, no.
I was more upset with Bookmans but Hubs was disturbed more by Hastings. 
Re-Opening is due late this fall. 
Until then we found a new place in Prescott. Yipee. .

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  1. I can't even imagine seeing that much snow, but I sure do like your pictures of the canyon. Thanks for visiting my blog. Now I know about yours too!