Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where do I Live, You Ask?

Does this look familiar?

It is a very deep place...

It might not look too familiar like this.
Most people do not see it coated in snow.

Yes, I have to admit it...
I live in
the Grand Canyon National Park
Right in the middle of the National Park.
It sounds so cool to be able to say it.
"I live in a national park".
When you talk to someone on the phone and they ask the is fun to be able to tell them. 
"Yep, right in the middle of the park."
Are there benefits of living here? Oh yes.
Are there drawbacks? Many....
Is it interesting? Mostly
Does it drive me nuts... Daily.

But, the pay is good and the housing is cheap.
Or it will be if it ever warms back up and we can quit buying propane.
Winter at the Canyon is interesting, to say the least.

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