Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Cost of Living Nowhere

I know that there are a lot of people who live farther out than I do. We have actually run across some of them. When we were traveling through Ft. Davis Texas we met a lady that had to drive 350 miles round trip to go to the closest Walmart.

We only have to drive 90 miles to find one, not that I will shop there, it's nasty.. I actually have to go 120 miles to the closest Super Walmart. It is actually clean too. An added bonus.

So when we go to town it is a major...ordeal? Yeah, that is a good way to describe it. Just to get to town for the day (not buying anything) costs us a lot in time and money. $65 for gas, $20 for fast food, $40 if we eat nice, $100 if we stay over night and then add in more money for food.... And that is without ever buying anything. Time... wow. An 8 hour trip to town is considered a quick trip.

If you add in the trip to Wally World, Costco, Sams, the grocery store....don't forget Home Depot or Lowes.... you get the picture. It costs a huge amount of money to go to town.

Oh well, we don't do it often, about every 3-4 weeks. We plan, we save, we take a very large (huge) ice chest. It is an ordeal. :-) A good ordeal but and ordeal none the less.

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