Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The snow  has been everywhere.
I hear people claiming that it is almost spring.
Then it snows 6 more inches.
It is tough for a Texas transplant.
We thought the first year we were here was bad.
We had a whopping 54 inches of snow that season.
Of course, most of that arrived about 4 days before we returned. 
We had to learn to shovel it.
That is hard work.
Move forward to this winter.
September 30th, 2009 the heater went on. What the???? No,no,no... heaters go on in December, right?
No, not here. It was still September.
So, along comes December.... 3.5 feet overnight. 
 Okay, I can handle that. Not that it really melted, being as it was December and all.
We had pockets of more snow in December and January. Nothing too bad. It was manageable.
Then comes January.
6 inches one day...it melts some
8 inches the next day....it melts some
Then we had the big honker of a snow storm.
 Yeah, really, 45 inches
And it stayed and stayed..and to add injury to the insult... the roof of our local half price bookstore collapsed.
And it snows, and snows, and snows....
We have now had about 125 inches this season and more is due.
 I feel trapped in the house and unable to do any of the projects that are on my schedule.
I am waiting diligently for the sun to shine and the ground to melt.
I know it will happen.
I need to remember this in July when it is hot.

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