Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Office

Not the show. Sorry. 
It is the office in the house. 
Otherwise known as the blue room of hideousness. 
There is not a color I hate more than royal blue. 
Baby blue is not better and, in fact, is only worse when combined with the royal ceiling.
Bad visions of private school uniforms, circa 1975. 
I don't do blue and I especially don't do hideous blue. 

At least until I bought this house. 
It even came with stars on the ceiling..(gag) 

As much as I just want to gut this top to bottom I can't. 
I want to paint it right now and cannot.
So, I just plug along and try to avoid the room. 

See the wonderful glow from the hallway. 
Here is the before.
We are removing the framing around the closet so we can have a better office.

After all, I need to pay bills, the daughter is home schooled and hubby is director
of the church's School of Ministry. 
We really need this room to function well. 
So we start, it stays blue, and I look at paint chips and flooring for down the road. 
And here is the current "after"
And yes, I have already been to Ikea for parts and pieces. 
I just need to get well so I can put the room together. 


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