Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bus vs. Elk

One of the best things we have experienced since being here at the Grand Canyon
is the contact, almost daily, with wild life. 
We get deer and elk that wander through the yard. 

 We have coyotes that serenade us nightly.
The birds are amazing and sometimes we find other critters.
Sometimes though there is the....
how shall we say???? 
Yep, that's it. 
 Usually the animal does not fare so well.
The vehicle never fares well.

The other day a shuttle bus had such an encounter. 

The elk walked off, much to the chagrin of the Rangers
who claimed they already had the grills fired up. 
The bus hobbled back to the yard. 

Never a dull moment up here. 
Nix that.
Most of the moments are dull with just a 
little excitement sprinkled in. 

Missy..... Still 90 miles from nowhere


  1. Hard to believe the elk walked away from that. Was Ch driving that?

  2. Nope. We were actually out of the park that night. We don't think that she walked far, but she did walk. lol

  3. Ouch!

    Love the wildlife too. We had a ground squirrel as a regular companion in Custer.