Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May I introduce ...Emili

One month ago my husbands second daughter had a baby.
She was named Emili.
In order to welcome her to the family in the right way, 
I needed to make her a quilt. 

The twins have quilts, 
The eldest grand son has a quilt.
Sort of. 
It is at the long arm quilter but he will eventually get it. 

So, here is Emili, for Emili. 
I hope it will warm her soul for many years. 

I really enjoy taking the quilts to the Rim. 
There is just something fun about going to the edge and remembering
why we are here. 

I also enjoy the funny looks we get when we take the pictures.

Not many people come to the Grand Canyon in order to 
see a crazy lady and her daughter doing a quilt shoot. 
The pattern for this quilt came from here
I saw it on her blog and knew it would be perfect. 



  1. What a beautiful, fun baby quilt! It looks so happy and bright. It looks even lovelier in that fantastic setting. I bet your photo shoots are quite an attention getter. I'd gawk at you ...

  2. awe!!!! too cute! I love how you changed up what I did and made it your own. It looks lovely in the fabrics you selected!

  3. I love it, especially the patterns you put into each center. I think she will love it forever.