Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Box Day

School has finally started around here.
We start slow and add in classes over the first 2-3 weeks.
Eventually we are carrying a full load.
A fuller load, the older my daughter gets.
This year is 8th grade and we are really kicking into high gear.

We use a curriculum called Sonlight for the core of our school.
Everything else kinda revolves around that.
We LOVE Sonlight and it is all that THIS daughter has used.
Our older kids used everything else.
This one lucked out. lol

Box day is a big deal around here.

When the FedEx man arrives it is such an exciting time.
Even in 8th grade she is still excited to see what we are going to do.
This year we decided to save some money and buy used.

So, instead of seeing the FedEx man we saw the ladies at the post office.
Not quite as exciting but, hey, it works.

So now we are going to be doing Core 6 ....World History in Depth Part I.

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