Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My First Quilt

I still have to put a binding on this but, basically, it is done. 
My very first quilt. 
After picking up the quilt we spent the night in town. 
Since it is so far to town, anytime anyone goes, we ask everyone what they need.
We picked up my quilt and Viv's quilt while we were there. 
We also picked up our car from the shop, some material for Viv and placed a special
order from JoAnn's for Judy. 
All in a day's work. lol

I used a black Kona Cotton for the backing. 
The color is kind of hard to see well.
My long arm quilter, Sandy, is in Prescott, Az.
I cannot tell you how much I love the quilting that she did. 
I am pleased with how it turned out and am ready to use it. 


  1. That's a beautiful quilt! It's so colorful and bright! Goodness ... a trip to town reminds me of the Little House books when Pa Ingalls would go into the trading post in the big woods. It sounds kind of cool to have to go "get provisions." I'm kinda envious when I think of the days I end up going to Walmart THREE times!

  2. It is like getting provisions.. lol We are exhausted when we get home and it takes 2-3 days to get it all put up.