Friday, July 9, 2010

I am learning a lot

My second quilt is a yellow nine patch made with a Moda fabric.
I am not sure how it happened but my yellow quilt....
Turned out pink.
Mind blowing I tell you.
I wanted to work on making my squares match up where they are supposed to be. 
It helped. 
I needed to figure out if I could do any quilting myself. 
I wanted to know how to do the quilting with both my walking foot
and free motion quilting with my darning foot. 

The quilt has been a huge, and I mean HUGE, learning experience.
I learned that I needed to be able to see where I am going and I needed to
modify my darning foot.
I modified it by using the scroll saw to cut an opening in the front.
It worked like a charm.
I have learned that I like my walking foot. It is pretty cool. 

I learned how to stipple on my quilt with free motion quilting.
But, most of all I learned to use my seam ripper. 
A lot.
I also figured out how to order thread online when I ran out. 
It was too far to drive to get more.
I had to be very patient waiting for the order to arrive. 

I had a major OOPS on the quilt.
I scrunched up the back when I was quilting it and had to figure out a way to fix it.
I actually accomplished the repair and finished the quilt.

I took out all the stitches in the area and then ironed the material back toward the
seam on the pieced back.
I was able to scrunch the excess fabric under the seam
and whip stitch it in place.
I then re-quilted over the top of it and then added one
more seam just to make me happy.
I cannot ever give it as a gift, but it is repaired and you can barely see it.
I still need to work on some things like....
binding and thread tension...Ugh.

All things considered, I am pleased with the way it came out.
My daughter is too.
 This is why I make quilts.

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  1. Great quilt! I think this one will probably be your favorite forever. Reading a good book while snuggled under a quilt is a great feeling. I'm sure your daughter will have many happy evenings like that!