Thursday, May 27, 2010

It is going to be expensive

I have spent the last 3 weeks going to town.
First we did a spur of the moment thing to Flagstaff for fun.
Actually for dinner and a trip to Camping World.
Yes, truly 180 miles to go to Chili's.

The next week we wanted to go to Prescott for church.
We attend Calvary Chapel of Prescott and love it and the people.
It is a challenge to go to church. Hubs has to have either Sunday
or Wednesday off, as well as most of the next day so we can drive home
Prescott is 120 miles away so we usually get a hotel room and spend the night.
We used to gripe about driving 20 miles to church... we are so beyond that. lol

This week we had to go for an appointment at the transmission shop.
We found that we do have transmission problems as well as our engine is missing
for some reason. Ugh.... We actually left town after church last night and drove home.
We finally got here at 11pm and fell into bed exhausted.

I did drop my quilt at the long arm quilters so I should have it back in a couple of weeks.
I also bought new material for 2 more quilts. Oh, Yeah!

Since the transmission guys could not get to us yesterday we have an appointment to
take it back next Wednesday. And pick it up next Friday.
2 more trips to town and another to pick up my quilt in about 2 weeks.

I think that is about 2000 miles to Prescott and back in a month. 
I tell ya, it is challenging to live... 90 miles from nowhere.


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