Thursday, April 8, 2010

It has started

The quilt adventure begins..... 
Actually it began about 2 weeks ago when the 8 of us went to Williams for a cutting class. 
Yawn.... I was ready to be bored.
I was very wrong, I am glad to say. 
Our teacher, Joan, was very informative and very funny. 
It also helps that she lives in an RV 6 months of the year, so she understands our space issues.

The Quilters Mercantile is a small quilt store directly on Route 66 in the center of town. 
It is a nice store.
I chose a quilt pattern called "Turning Twenty".
It is a simple, beginner quilt that needs 20 fat quarters to make. 
I like simple.... 
We learned how to press fabric, not iron. 
We learned how to fold and cut and square fabric. 
We learned that we should wash our fabric because Far East countries
don't necessarily have the same standards of cleanliness that Americans do. 
We also learned that you always dress warmly as there is no heat in the work room.

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